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Our founder and chairman, Ms. Li, with over 25 years of experience in the catering industry. As a professional chef, she has been committed to the innovation and research and development of dishes. He founded the group in 1996 and subsequently won the 2020 "Golden Chef Award" issued by the China Cuisine Association and the 2019 "Outstanding Contribution Entrepreneur" issued by the China Culinary Association. ” and many other awards. She is also the fifth chairman of the Fast Food Committee of the Chinese Cuisine Association. With her unique and profound understanding of Chinese culinary culture and fast food industry, Ms. Li continued to focus on innovation and reform of Chinese fast food business model, leading us to develop into the largest directly-operated Chinese fast food group in China.

In 2010, Ms. Li was selected as one of the top ten most influential people in Chongqing's capital market by "Chongqing Business Daily" in 2010, and was named China's most influential business woman in 2011 by "China Entrepreneur" magazine - business community Mulan, was awarded the Outstanding Contribution Entrepreneur by the China Cuisine Association in 2019, and was awarded the Tianfu Cup World Sichuan Cuisine Leader in 2019 by the World Sichuan Cuisine Influential Brand. She was also awarded the Top Ten Micro-Innovation Awards for Outstanding Business Models in China by Business Magazine in 2011, the Peony Award for Outstanding Women in Chinese Catering Chains by the China Chain Catering Summit in 2018, and the Golden Chef Award by the China Cuisine Association in 2020. prize. In addition, since December 2020, Ms. Li has served as the fifth chairman of the Fast Food Committee of the China Cuisine Association.

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