Corporate Business

Our mission:

Our mission is to provide our customers with delicious meals that are reminiscent of a loving home.

Our core business philosophy:

"Delicious yet affordable" summarizes our long-standing business philosophy, which is to offer customers quality dishes with “best value for money”.

Best value for money = delicious dishes freshly prepared+ reasonable price

Every day, we strive to serve our customers delicious food freshly prepared using quality ingredients. At the same time, we endeavor to stay budget friendly, making our dishes a daily option for a massive population of ordinary consumers. A history of responsible business practices reflecting the “delicious yet affordable” philosophy has helped us build a unique brand image and engender consumer trust, driving our sustainable growth over the years and keeping us inspired to set the benchmark for the next generation Chinese quick service restaurant.


We are a leading Chinese QSR group in China's fast growing catering industry,dedicated to serving our consumers with quality,diverse and affordable meals in a fashion of quick yet attentive services. Our story begins in Chongqing in 1996, when our co-founders, Ms. Li Hong and Mr. Zhang Xingqiang, opened their first restaurant with a simple desire to provide customers with delicious, affordable and cost-effective meal. Today, we are one of the largest Chinese

quick service restaurant groups in China, and as of December 31, 2022, we manage two major brands with a total of 1,154 self-operated restaurants. According to the Frost & Sullivan Report, we are
the largest self-operated Chinese QSR group in China as measured by the number of chain restaurants and revenue generated in 2021.  We are the largest self-operated Chinese QSR group in China as measured by both the number of and the revenue generated from self-operated chain restaurants in 2022 and the fourth largest Chinese QSR group as measured by the total revenue, occupying 0.6% market share of the Chinese QSR market in China in 2022, according to the same source.

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