Story Of Founder
In 1996, Li Hong had already accumulated some experience in the catering industry. Looking at the people who came and went in the city and worked hard for their lives, many people worked outside and solved the problem of eating simply and sloppily. Li Hong, who is a chef, has great empathy, and came up with the idea of "making a delicious meal to make people away from home feel the warmth of home". With this original intention, she and her husband Zhang Xingqiang Decided to open a shop together.

On November 23, 1996, the first store in the Eagle Square of Jiefangbei was officially opened, which opened the way for the vigorous development of rural-based Chinese fast food.

After 26 years of development, under the leadership of Li Hong, all the CSC people adhered to "pragmatism, entrepreneurship, struggle, and spirit", adhered to the business philosophy of "delicious and affordable", and constantly innovated products and services. market, serve more customers, and strive to "build the first brand of fast food in China"

As a professional chef, she devoted herself to the innovation and development of dishes. Ms. Li founded our Group in 1996. She has won a variety of awards throughout her career, including the “Golden Chef Award” (金廚獎) in 2020 from the China Culinary Association and the “Outstanding Contribution Entrepreneur” (卓越貢獻企業家) in 2019 from the China Cuisine Association. She is also the fifth Chairwoman of the QSR Committee of the China Cuisine Association. With her unique and profound understanding of Chinese culinary culture and the QSR industry,Ms. Li continues to focus on the innovation and reform of the Chinese QSR business model, leading us to become the largest self-operated Chinese QSR group in China.

Mr. Zhang Xingqiang, the founder of CSC Group, Currently as the Executive Director of CSC Group. Mr. Zhang Xingqiang graduated from Nankai University majoring in economics. In year 1996,Together with Ms. Li Hong,they founded the CSC.

In 2007, he introduced Sequoia Capital (Sequoia Capital) and Heiner (SIG) Asia Venture Capital Fund, this put CSC on the track of rapid development. 

Founder Li Hong
Founder Zhang Xingqiang
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